Pope Francis Center for Renewal

“The Better Part"

It is difficult to measure the bad things that did not happen to people because of their participation at The Pope Francis Center for Renewal. There is no easy way to count the number of drug relapses that were averted or deadly drug overdoses that were prevented. There is no easy way to measure the suicides eliminated or domestic crisis that was prevented all because of the people at risk for these tragedies chose to spend time at The Center for Renewal before the full impact of these dark situations could overcome them. The Center for Renewal is a place of hard-fought joy because there are many who are lifted up by the care they find at The Center so they can reach the next rung of the ladder they must climb to escape their valley of death. Much more is accomplished in ways that cannot be quantified or measured because of these
accomplishments are hidden and silent victories that our guests make every day because of the grace of God they experience through this little ministry. Some regular guests are amazed when they realize that they have doubled their last sober time largely because The Center has given them the motivation and the focus to live a life that no longer needs drugs and alcohol to medicate the pain and emptiness that so many people experience. What joy and satisfaction we see when someone reports that they are having the longest time of abstinence from drug addiction since they were children largely because of the influence of The Center in their life. This is due to the power of the gospel is applied to the life of each guest who visits The Center through the work, word, and witness of the volunteers at the Center who animate the love of God in their service there. Jesus, who is the divine physician, offers the true transformation we all crave as the missing piece in life. His grace is the healing balm that closes those wounds of heart and soul, many of which have been open and fresh for decades for so many. The Pope Francis Center for renewal is the hospital where Jesus can conduct his healing work. It is no wonder that the word “hospitality,” which is a fundamental tool we use, is associated with the word “hospital” which is what The Center for Renewal turns out to be for most of our guests.

To support The Pope Francis Center for Renewal with contributions of volunteer time, please contact Jason at 203-910-2234 or centerforrenewal@gmail.com.



The Pope Francis Center for Renewal is the recepient of funds from the 2018 Archbishop's Annual Appeal.  Pictured is Fr. Christopher Ford presenting the check to Jason Rinaldi, Director of the Center and guests of the Pope Francis Center.


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